Annual MARS4 Review: Highlights of 2021

2021 Q1:

2021 Q2:

  • Fundraising started and first investors/advisors onboarded
  • Community started to grow exponentially
  • First 10K Mars Land NFTs were sold in a matter of weeks

2021 Q3:

  • Fundraising successfully completed — Mars4 oversubscribed
  • Mars NFT marketplace opened making NFT sale skyrocketing
  • Smart contracts for NFT and Tokens launched and audited
  • NFT Economy introduced after first 50K NFTs sold
  • IDO & TGE

2021 Q4:

  • Mars rover game on Telegram
  • SushiSwap Onsen Program opened up for yield farming
  • Listed on our first Centralised Exchanges, Bittrex Global and MEXC
  • Multi award-winning Creative Director joined Mars4 team
  • With game development partners started game creation

Year in Numbers

  • Community has grown to 110K across all our social channels.
  • More than 5,000 investors hold Mars4 NFTs and can call themselves real Martians.
  • As of year end, more than 55,000 NFTs have been sold, representing 55% of total within half a year.
  • Team has grown 2X since the beginning.
  • More than 80 Ask Me Anything sessions, find BEST ONES here.
  • Since July Mars4 has been cited in 20 publications.
  • More than 40 VC and Angel investors and partners believed in our early vision.

2022 — What to expect?



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