Annual MARS4 Review: Highlights of 2021

The Mars4 launch in spring 2021 saw the groundwork laid for the establishment of the Mars4 game, the Mars4 token and the revenue generating Mars Land NFT. Through 2022 and beyond we hope to build upon these successes to implement our integrated NFT economy alongside the exploration and colonisation of a virtual Mars.

2021 has been a tremendous and transformative year for Mars4 and our many community members, investors and partners around the globe.

2021 Q1:

The Mars4 project’s development team has modeled their detailed 3D map of Mars’ terrain based on real data from NASA and other space agencies. Think of it as the Martian equivalent of the first 2001 Google Earth 3D map. In this virtual world on Mars, users purchase plots of land that they can later navigate, build upon and monetize.

2021 Q2:

  • Fundraising started and first investors/advisors onboarded

A significant turning point was when Illuvium’s head of strategic partnerships Danny, and co-founder Kieran joined as early investors and the lead advisors for Mars4.

  • Community started to grow exponentially

Martians community started to grow exponentially and first cultural groups were created starting with the Mars4 Japan Telegram channel. Here, Mars4 is honoured to express special gratefulness for our true fans and early believers such as Yuzo Kano and the whole supporting Japanese community!

Later on, Mars4 has established channels for China, South Korea, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Russia, Poland, Turkey, Arabia, Spain, France, Italy, and Africa.

  • First 10K Mars Land NFTs were sold in a matter of weeks

The pre-sale of Mars Land NFT land plots started in the early summer of 2021 and was well-subscribed with more than 20% of the available plots purchased within the first few weeks.

2021 Q3:

  • Fundraising successfully completed — Mars4 oversubscribed

By the end of the summer, seed funding ended with the top VCs and Partners believing in Mars4. For the early trust we want to say special Thank You to founders of Illuvium, CEO of Quantstamp, CEO of, Ascensive assets, NGC Ventures, AU21, X21, Longterm Ventures and Momentum 6, Andromeda Capital, Spark Digital, Genblock, Tenzor Capital, Stake Capital, Basics Capital, Vendetta, Hello Capital, AngelOne, Exnetwork and many more.

  • Mars NFT marketplace opened making NFT sale skyrocketing

In August Mars4 opened its eCommerce site, with the guidelines for customers making it easy to acquire Mars Land NFTs, even for beginners in crypto space. MARS4 dollars were then legalized on the eCommerce site in early October. Since then, buyers on Mars4 marketplace now can pay with ETH, USDT, USDC or MARS4.

  • Smart contracts for NFT and Tokens launched and audited

Early October saw the smart contract for Mars4 NFT approved by Binance NFT alongside a successful audit by Quantstamp which saw a sizable increase in our community.

  • NFT Economy introduced after first 50K NFTs sold

First and foremost the Mars Land NFTs will be integral to the Mars4 Metaverse Martian Survival, trading and resource extraction game play. 51% of income from the Land NFTs will be redistributed to the previous NFT owners, starting Epoch 1. Income will be redistributed in MARS4 tokens when we reach the next new Epoch. Mars Land NFT owners will need to self claim the reward. More about the NFT economy HERE.

  • IDO & TGE

For the first time the Mars Dollar (MARS4) was introduced to investors on Sushiswap, via the MISO launchpad that was extremely oversubscribed. SushiSwap operates as an automated market maker, which is a kind of decentralised exchange (AMM). There is no central authority in charge of transactions, so users may exchange cryptocurrency tokens without fear of being scammed. SushiSwap, on the other hand, uses mathematical formulae to automatically determine pricing and uses smart contracts to execute transactions.

2021 Q4:

  • Mars rover game on Telegram

More than 2K Martians were playing rover riding game on Mars4 Telegram to reach the highest scores and win MARS4 tokens.

  • SushiSwap Onsen Program opened up for yield farming

SusiSwap Onsen Program for the first time suggested staking opportunity for Mars4 investors. You can now stake MARS4 and ETH pair in the 2x Reward Farm for an attractive annual percentage yields. If you would like to see tutorial feel free to click HERE.

  • Listed on our first Centralised Exchanges, Bittrex Global and MEXC

On October 21st MARS4 was opened to our investors through Bittrex Global. Bittrex provides the widest selection of cryptocurrencies in the United States along with fast trade execution and dependable digital wallets, all protected by industry-leading security practices. The USDT-MARS4, BTC-MARS4, and ETH-MARS4 markets are now open!

As part of our listing on Bittrex, our Chief Marketing Officer Paul and main character Ethan participated in the Ask Me Anything sessions that you can check HERE. We also provided a limited-time trading competition event with 400 000 MARS4 reward pool.

This was followed by the Mars4 listing on MEXC Global, the platform with the most comprehensive spot trading categories with the extremely rapid launch of new projects on the entire network. It currently contains the USDT-MARS4 market as well. Together with MEXC we also had AMA, Kickstarter, Trading and holding competition with the 980,000 MARS4 reward pool.

In addition, market value of MARS4 dollar can be tracked on CoinMarketCap, DexTools or CoinGecko.

  • Multi award-winning Creative Director joined Mars4 team

Vitalijus Zukas, the multi-award-winning creative director, had recently joined the Mars4 team to create the NFT game in the Metaverse. His expertise covers the design of Virtual Reality and Metaverse environments. In the video game and film sectors, Vitalijus had almost 20 years of experience. Read the full article HERE.

  • With game development partners started game creation

Game concept was publicised and discussed in Mars4 AMA with Vitalijus!

First part of VR experience was shared with the community right before Christmas on Mars4 Discord. Action takes place in the The NEWTON Crater land plot, which was sold as one of the first Super Rare NFTs in the Mars4 Metaverse. Thank you to our Dubai based investors for the inspiration. Wait for the second and third part in 2022! Read more HERE.

To celebrate the launch of VR movie experience, Mars4 is organising huge $16,000 giveaway including 20 Mars Land NFTS, $2000 Mars4 tokens and 10 Oculus Quest 2 for NFT land owners! Competition ends on 2022.01.16 UTC+2 23:59.

Year in Numbers

  • Community has grown to 110K across all our social channels.
  • More than 5,000 investors hold Mars4 NFTs and can call themselves real Martians.
  • As of year end, more than 55,000 NFTs have been sold, representing 55% of total within half a year.
  • Team has grown 2X since the beginning.
  • More than 80 Ask Me Anything sessions, find BEST ONES here.
  • Since July Mars4 has been cited in 20 publications.
  • More than 40 VC and Angel investors and partners believed in our early vision.

2022 — What to expect?

With a renewed focus on speed in 2022 Mars4 is accelerating more swiftly than ever. The coming year will see the continued development of our Mars4 game, a first person, atmospheric and scientifically-inspired survival experience that will tie our Mars Metaverse’s economy to the Mars4 NFT land plots held by investors. 2022 will also see our auction of the Super Rare NFT land plots; zones and areas that will be modeled after iconic regions on Mars such as Olympus Mons or the Orson Welles crater. Additional Tier 1 exchanges are on the way!

Thank you for being part of this incredible fast-growing community and for making achieving these significant milestones possible. We look forward to seeing you on Meta-Mars in 2022!

Follow us, join our community and be a part of fast-growing Metaverse. If you would like to know more about Mars4 and the upcoming Mars4 game, please find more on our website.

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