Cargo Calls Colonists To Lands

2 min readMar 12, 2024


Full Coverage: Colonists Register Ownership Of Resources, Vehicles, Land Deeds, And More From Earth Using Surviving Cargo Beacons

Colonists from across Mars have put the UN’s mandate to abandon the cargo of Ereshkigal to good use. By registering unowned lands in their name, Mars’ colonists have turned to legally claiming salvage, resources, and even fully intact items as their own assets.

In an ironic twist of fate, much of Ereshkigal’s cargo remained sufficiently intact to be easily put to use immediately. Martian registries have reported a surge in owned vehicles from industrial giants such as the Shire HDLV to rapid transits like the Shrike V7. Additionally, there are reports that even full land titles were part of the cargo. The UN General Assembly has confirmed that these titles were similarly abandoned in a statement earlier today.

For all the troubles the loss of the Ereshkigal has caused Earth, it certainly seems like Mars and its colonists have come out on top.

And despite the hardship posed on Earth, maybe that’s exactly the intention behind the UN’s mandates: To promote the future and give Mars the push it needs to succeed.

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Sky-Eye Crash Site: Around Land #33311

Ereshkigal Cargo Manifest: Blueprints, Shrikes (Classic), Land Deeds (2-slot), Shire Rovers (Classic), Nancies and countless resources.

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