Hello Martians👋👨‍🚀

Thank you all for being supportive and patient🙏

You don’t need to worry if your order was not successfull due to not delivered land plots or transactions pending for too long — Mars4 is working on all of your cases and each of them will be solved until TGE.

Due to listing bureaucracy, information was delayed to be publicated and TGE event is postponed for one week. However, it will only be confirmed with a seperate announcement! More time is needed to be listed successfully on TOP10 exchanges.🙌🔥

Mars4 seeks to launch at the same time on both DEX and CEX as well. More information will be posted soon.

Mars Land NFT owners with at least one lot in their wallets will be whitelisted for the MARS4 tokens. Whitelisted person will get the chance to get the allocation of the token. The amount will depend on how many applicants there will participate.

Thank you for understanding!❤️


🐦 twitter.com/mars4_me
📰 t.me/mars4me_news




🔥 MARS4 token & 1st Revenue Generating NFT in the Universe 🚀 www.mars4.me

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🔥 MARS4 token & 1st Revenue Generating NFT in the Universe 🚀 www.mars4.me

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