How Do I Begin At Mars4? How to invest in your future?

4 min readNov 27, 2021

We all know how complicated the process of investing can be: coming up with an idea for your investment, finding the right company to invest in, doing research on the company and its competitors, applying for the right permits to enter trades, etc. But did you know that there are actually some really cool ways you can get started investing in your future? One way is by using Mars4! This article discusses how to start at Mars4, an NFT Metaverse that offers virtual land on Mars.

A Brief Introduction to Mars4 Metaverse

Mars4 is a platform that allows people to own and access the virtual Metaverse world which features the fourth planet in our solar system, Mars. The NFT project is powered by cryptocurrency, which makes it more accessible to people all around the world.

The best part about owning land on Mars4 is that it can generate revenue for you automatically. The revenue is added in when each transaction happens within the platform. This benefits every investor a lot because a piece of land on Mars4 sells for a higher price than if you just purchased one through the exchanges.

What is the MARS4 Token (MARS4 dollar)?

The MARS4 token is the currency designed to be operated with the Mars4 NFTs and the game. MARS4 tokens are also called Mars dollars. This currency is decentralized and a form of certification to confirm that you can buy NFTs online in the Mars4 game. Use it to buy and sell land, mining and so much more!

How does the MARS4 dollar work?

The MARS4 dollars can be used to make any changes on the land you buy, earn good returns from this NFT, and enter the world of the digital economy. The MARS4 dollars allows you to mine for resources and even buy and sell your land to your neighbors, all of which is made easy using the currency we provide (Mars4 dollars). How amazing!

Why Should You Join Mars4?

Using NASA and other space agency data, has developed a three-dimensional virtual Mars that is geographically accurate. You may use the MARS4 token and the world’s first revenue-generating NFTs, which leverage property rights and incentivize token ownership and spending on in-world assets and resources, to get started.

Everyone can be a Martian now. Own and personalise your land and property on a virtual Mars and even profit from the world’s first NFT that generates income. Use MARS to terraform and customise your Mars land in the emerging digital market, trade with your neighbours, and more.

How Do I Begin At Mars4?

Joining Mars4 Metaverse is one of the easiest ways to start any NFT project and get a full working environment up and running.

Firstly, you need to visit the official website at, read and understand more about the NFT Metaverse. You may find the “NFT SALE” page on the main menu, where it directs you to another page with more information about the NFTs on Mars4. There, click the button “Buy Mars Land NFTs” to get started.

Next, you are switched to the 3D layout of the planet Mars. Here you are able to locate every block of land that Mars4 is offering to the buyers. You can begin your NFT experience with any land you want.

After you have selected the land of your choice, you are allowed to purchase it by clicking on the button “Buy” on this page that you see. Note that the price of these NFTs is significantly higher than that of regular tokens.

Once you have purchased an NFT, you will be granted access to this block of land on Mars4. Click on the “View” button to view the land as well as the plots that you own on this NFT.

Is Mars4 NFT Worth Investing In?

There are many benefits to investing in Mars4 as opposed to other investment options. First, Mars4 is a guarantee of the returns you get. There are no hidden costs or dangers connected with working with this project. The amazing Mars4 project features an NFT economy where every owner is rewarded with 51% of the revenues from every purchase of new land.

Venture capital firms, savvy crypto investors, and fast-moving NFT collector groups from Japan, the U.S., China, Korea, Vietnam, Russia, and Turkey have purchased 52,000 of the 99.888 land plots so far and they are selling out quickly.


All of the Mars4 NFT lands are now available for sale. Feeling interested in the astonishing NFT Metaverse? Get your own one-of-a-kind Mars4 NFT land right now at

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