How does Mars4 NFT work?

3 min readSep 15, 2021


Mars4, an Ethereum-based virtual environment centered on Mars. The all-new metaverse Mars4 is a virtual habitat on Mars that allows users to explore, own a land, customize and sell it while also receiving passive income through a first-of-its-kind Mars Land NFTs revenue generator (Non-fungible Token). Users may now explore this same three-dimensional model of Mars created using NASA data, just as they do with Google Earth on Earth. The NFTs are Mars land parcels that produce income via built-in token redistribution.

Mars4 aspires to unite virtual reality, gamification, yield farming, and quantum computing into a single grand world that is a component of the global Metaverse. Not only that, Mars4 NFT owners will have complete control over a portion of the Metaverse. In comparison to popular virtual environments such as Decentraland, Mars4 takes the NFT collection to a new level.

Consider stepping foot on the Red Planet, this majestic space behemoth. Mars4 may enable you to accomplish just that, with comprehensive 3D mapping of the whole planet accessible. The Mars4 development team chose to build the NFTs using NASA’s precise copy of the planet. You can experience it in VR as well for a fully immersive experience!

The NFT Revolution

Blockchain and decentralized cryptocurrencies have become increasingly common since they are bringing a sea change to the technology industry and a slew of answers to a variety of issues across many industries.

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are learning how to use the Non-Fungible Token (NTF) revolution and are developing very fascinating and helpful initiatives for the development of the cosmos.

MARS4 is the MARS4 Metaverse’s currency, which is used for buying and NFT minting. MARS will serve as the platform’s utility token. The community governs its protocol, voting on future stages and significant improvements like new feature development, feature suggestions, configuration modifications, and changes to the staking program.

NFT Economy

Non-fungible token sales and trade have gone from increasing to skyrocketing. In fact, the value of Mars4 NFT is constantly increasing. The scarcity principle is applied to the price of land plots, therefore the more Martians who buy property, the higher the price of the free land plots becomes. It’s only natural that the price of NFTs rises as the number of available NFTs diminishes, which is why we encourage NFT and Mars4 devotees to buy their land on Mars as soon as possible.

Furthermore, the earlier a person purchases Mars Land NFT, the higher return overtime is guaranteed! Mars4 NFT holders get their best — Starting Epoch 1 (TGE), which will begin very shortly, 51% of the income from the Land NFTs will be reallocated to the former NFT owners. Moreover, we ensured that Martians are always passionate about owning, trading, and acting in the platform and that their interest in the Mars4 game is always at its peak — Mars Land NFT owners will need to self claim the reward of NFT distribution, which is done in MARS4 Tokens.

Oh, almost forgot — dear Martians, NFTs will be also used in our P2E (play-to-earn) game. Therefore, think twice before you sell your NFTs.

Mars Plot NFTs

Additionally, people may use MARS tokens to purchase NFTs, certificates, avatars, logos, and other assets in Virtual Mars. Mars4’s ecology is inextricably linked to the MARS cryptocurrency. It guarantees that users get the advantages for which they paid, as well as the economic stability.

With its unique income-generating NFT, Mars4, on the other hand, provides a new type of revenue guarantee. The network, like blockchain technology, is an open-source center for content producers, companies, and people seeking a new creative medium, opportunity, or source of passive income.

Take your chance to become a Martian RIGHT NOW.

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