How to add Mars4 NFTs to Metamask?

2 min readSep 13, 2021

Buying Mars4 NFTs is so much fun and games until you can’t see them in your Metamask wallet and you don’t know how to make it visible there.

“How to add NFTs to Metamask?” — the question we get most frequently and now we’re about to give you an answer and guide you through the process.

STEP 1: Go to Etherscan!

To clear your concerns whether you got NFTs or not, open the Etherscan and paste your wallet address in a search bar. After that, you’ll see all your transactions made with the wallet. To see specific transactions, click on “Erc721 Token Txns” and here you’ll find your MARS4 tokens with other transfers you made.

STEP 2: Go to the Metamask!

If you see Mars4 NFTs on Etherscan, it means that you’re a lucky Mars4 settler! Now, you need to make it visible on Metamask too.

So, as a second step, you need to grab your phone and open the Metamask app. Once you’re connected, tap where it says “NFTs” on the right side and then, tap on “+ ADD NFTs”.

Now you see a new page where you need to paste the smart contract address (0xdf9Aa1012Fa49DC1d2a306e3e65EF1797d2b5fBb) in the first bar and the NFT ID in the second, and then tap “ADD” in the end.

Please note, that you need to add your NFTs one by one!

Congratulations! Now you have all your NFTs visible in your Metamask wallet!

PS. NFTs appear automatically on Trust Wallet, you can see it in “Collectibles”.




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