How to buy Mars online? 🛍

We are 99% sure that you have bought something online at least once in your lifetime and now, purchasing land on Mars is as easy as that! However, here are some instructions on how you can purchase Mars land online:

IMPORTANT! DO NOT pay for the NFTs from an exchange wallet!

IMPORTANT! Payment should be completed through ERC20.

First step: Go to

On our website, you can get to know our project better, and when you’re ready to explore the red planet, click the button “Explore” and travel to Mars.

Second step: Search for Land

After you’re redirected to, you can explore the planet however you want: you can turn it how you want, zoom it in and out, and by clicking on the land, you can see its ID (ex. #27092). This ID will help you find the exact spot in the future and it will show in your wallet once you purchase the land.

After you find the perfect spot on the planet, that you want to settle in, you can start adding the land plots to your cart and once you’re happy with the selection, you can start purchasing it.

Third step: Proceed with payment

When you’re adding the land plots to your cart, the plots become green on the map and you can see exactly what you have chosen. If the view satisfies you, it’s time to click the button “Buy” and proceed with payment. Be aware, by clicking “Buy” you confirm that you have read and the “Help Guide”.

After clicking the button, you’ll notice that the land plots had been moved to the recent orders and below your selection, you’ll see the information on how to make the payment.

Please note that: the land is reserved for you only for 48h.

After the payment, NFTs usually appear in your wallet in an hour but sometimes it may take up to 48 hours so please be patient.

We hope you’ll have an amazing experience settling on Mars!

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