Mars Battle Partners With Immutable zkEVM, Bringing Release To Immutable

3 min readApr 11, 2024


Mars Battle has secured a cooperative alliance with Immutable zkEVM. The partnership will ensure that Mars Battle strengthens and optimizes its outreach by joining hand-in-hand the Immutable platform’s web3 expertise with Mars Battle’s innovation and development.

With the partnership completed, Mars Battle will be released on Immutable’s zkEVM Network and platforms, allowing Immutable users to purchase Mars Battle NFTs safely and securely.

This alliance comes at a key moment in the year with the project preparing to release its primary product, the Mars Battle game which includes, but is not limited to:

  • The introduction of a third-person arena shooter set within and without colonies braving the hostile climes of Mars.
  • The provision of cosmetic NFTs, allowing players to customize their player character.
  • The release of map editing tools, giving the player base an opportunity to design and modify maps.
  • The launch of a cryptocurrency to support the infrastructure and core product.

Immutable zkEVM, a market maker in the web3 game development space has agreed to a partnership in support of the potential that Mars Battle offers to web3 games. The provision of such a partnership enables Mars Battle greater confidence in the expansion of its outreach while ensuring that the project can use the expertise proffered by Immutable to enhance and accelerate its forward momentum.

“It falls to any project to make the best efforts to secure appropriate know-how and capitalize on emerging market trends. Working alongside Immutable will ensure that the mutable future remains firmly in the hands of Mars Battle and its future development.” — Paula Brukaitė, CMO Mars Battle.

Mars Battle’s core products are its team-based third-person arena shooter game and its attendant infrastructure. Mars Battle leverages innovative, high-octane action alongside blockchain technology and unique assets such as cosmetic in-game NFTs to create new revenue streams for investors and gamers. Immutable zkEVM brings its well-established expertise within the realm of Web3 development and its broader community, ensuring that the project’s full potential can be realized.

By joining hand-in-hand with Immutable, Mars Battle is able to deliver its products and NFTs via the Immutable zkEVM chain and its marketplaces ensuring a greater outreach while preserving player security.

About Mars Battle
Mars Battle is an innovative twist on classic arena shooter games and is powered by blockchain technology. It offers exciting, fast-paced gameplay with a high skill ceiling that combines skillful plays alongside design and tactical control. Mars Battle brings players into combat upon the surface of Mars or within the colonies found upon its surface.

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About Immutable zkEVM
Immutable has been at the forefront of Web3 gaming with its one-stop-shop gaming platform. Developers can easily and quickly create and launch Web3 games with built-in blockchain mechanics. The Immutable tech stack has been leveraged by many native-Web3 and legacy game projects alike, including Gods Unchained, Guild of Guardians, Illuvium, Delysium, EmberSword, and GameStop, which selected the Immutable network for its gaming platform.

Immutable zkEVM builds off of Immutable’s established platform to create a EVM compatible chain with enforceable royalty fees that also grants access to Immutable and Polygon’s growing ecosystem of over a million players and $2B in investor funding for games.

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