Mars4: August 2023 Recap

2 min readSep 6, 2023


We’d like to send a special hello to everyone in the Mars4 community! Our latest monthly recap is dedicated to highlighting the latest achievements from the team’s August developments. Our progress this past month includes some exciting milestones that we’re delighted to share with everyone.

The two newest items the team is proud to share with the community starts with the Jetpack’s release, offering Martian colonists the chance to take to the skies in the survival game. On top of that, we have released the Shire HDLV, a heavy-duty lading vehicle. This workhorse’s high inventory space is sure to be a welcome tool in the hands of colonists on the surface of Mars and via the MCC!

As part of our ongoing efforts to foster a healthy community, we have been delighted to host several events focused on bringing players together. During the month of August we held the AI Art Competition, inviting participants to submit AI-generated art that targeted four unique areas: Cyber Truck on Mars, War on Mars: Aliens vs Colonists, Themed Colonist or Vehicle Skins, and Love on Mars.

This was followed by further collaborations with community influencers, namely Crypto Stash & Capet (in collaboration with, Capet, Kobe, Slayer, and Cabs. Additionally, we’ve included free mining and exploring days through the month to boost our players on the Martian surface.

Among the updates and events that have taken place this month, we have also hosted another AMA with Nick which coincides with the release of the Outpost Mars patch, the latest update to the survival game. As before, we look forward to hearing back from our players regarding the updates and changes!

The month ended with the Mars4 team providing a last call for those of you who wished to get in on the current round of NFT Staking that went hand-in-hand with a flash sale for Mars4 NFTs (a 45% discount on all Mars4 NFTs no less!)

We hope our community has managed to pick up whatever they’ve been hoping to obtain from the Flash Sale, and that you all enjoy the latest changes to the Mars4 game. We’ll see you in the red skies!

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Together, let’s shape the future of Mars exploration! 🚀🔴




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