MARS4 Dollars on SushiSwap 🍣

Dear Martian Community,

On September 29, 2021, the open market for the purchase and sale of decentralized Martian crypto-dollars MARS4 (ERC-20) was launched on the decentralized cryptocurrency platform SushiSwap!

You can buy and sell MARS4 by clicking on the LINK.

The upper field is what you give away. The second line means what you get. Always keep track of the cost of gas in the network and try to exchange by choosing the lowest possible cost:

You can track the current MARS4 (ERC-20) market HERE.

Three important news for the real Martians:

  1. In a couple of days, the Mars4 staking program will start. If you are not going to spend your MARS4 dollars anywhere in the near future, then you should definitely multiply them together! Find it HERE.
  2. In two weeks we will launch a Super-Duper reward program for real holders with a double multiplier! Look for MARS4 in two weeks HERE.
  3. We are preparing a roof-top CRYPTOPHARMING Program SushiSwap Onsen MARS4, which will allow you to get the maximum benefit from your MARS4 dollars! Expect it in 3 weeks.

Thank you for being with us! And remember — the more MARS4 dollars you have, the more opportunities you will have in our gaming Metaverse.




🔥 MARS4 token & 1st Revenue Generating NFT in the Universe 🚀

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