Mars4: July 2023 Recap

2 min readAug 2, 2023


Hello to our community from the Mars4 team. This month, we’re eager to share our newsletter about the progress made during development through July. July has seen us enter the third quarter of the year and with it comes several new, exciting items which we are happy to share with our wider community.

July Monthly Recap image with a Mars4 logo, featuring a pair of native Martian colonists and the newly introduced Mad Beetle, symbolizing key updates in the blog post.

The month’s largest news has been the release of the Multiplayer Alpha 1 Sandbox to the community. Alpha 1’s purpose is to rigorously test multiplayer functionality and is the first step towards the survival game’s ultimate release. This multiplayer release is effectively the biggest milestone to date, and also still an extremely early technical piece.

Alongside the release of the Alpha, the community was also presented with the release of the Mad Beetle, a Click Beetle variant built for high-rad zones, and the teaser for the Jetpack. The Jetpack will provide powered flight on Mars and we’re reasonably certain a lot of colonists will end up zooming everywhere, over buildings, across the sky, or into the ground. You can be sure to look forward to making use of it in the MCC and in the Survival game!

We have been proud to also usher in several community-focused events this month. First, we held the AI Fashion Contest inviting our players to make use of AI-prompted generations suitable for the Martian surface. The month continued with collaborations between several influencers (Inspector Mindblow, Slayer), as well as the first-ever AMA with Mars4’s Marketing Team on Twitter.

Last, but not least, we have seen the release of Mars4’s Mariner patch which included the addition of the Click Beetle to the survival game, game optimisations, and a new lighting and atmospheric system. This has coupled well with the arrival of a third wave of colonists on Mars, namely the Native Martians obtained via Mars4’s first NFT breeding.

As before, we hope our community has enjoyed the latest developments brought to Mars4. We’re looking forward to hearing back from you regarding the Alpha 1 Sandbox and appreciate any feedback you may have.

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