Mars4: June 2023 Recap

2 min readJul 20, 2023


Hello to our community from the team at Mars4. June’s newsletter brings exciting news about the latest developments we’ve been keen to share with the community. This month has seen a fair number of updates and events launch, and we hope to hear feedback regarding how well they were received!

Monthly Recap: June

The centrepiece of the months’ updates are the arrival of the Venus Mission colonists to the survival game. These female colonist NFTs are significantly better at mining than first wave colonists, and are sure to make a valuable addition to colonies on the surface.
Their addition goes hand in hand with the announcement around Native Martians, the first generation of colonists born on Mars. These colonists are true born natives, individuals who did not need to be transported from Terra Mater. Obtaining a Native Martian will require a First and Second Wave colonist.

The development of the survival game continues apace most notably with the new insulated building components, lighting system, and sand simulation effects. These improvements are targeted at increasing immersion and providing colonists the tools to develop more climate-resistant colonies.
In addition, players can look forward to the coming multiplayer alpha test. The team has been looking forward to bringing the full multiplayer experience and has worked hard to bring the alpha test forward, ahead of schedule.

Finally, June has seen several notable events hosted that were designed to provide opportunities to the community by providing an array of different challenges. The first was the Building Competition Event, where players competed to build a masterpiece monument to Mars colonisation. However, it was the latter two that no doubt drew extra attention. The SpaceX on Mars Meme challenge has rewarded players for their ability to develop the brightest memes this side of Phobos, while the Octagon for Elon and Mark challenge encouraged our community to prepare a fighting arena suitable for two of Earth’s wealthiest CEOs to duke it out.

Here at Mars4, we’re hoping the events proved a sufficient challenge and provided some fun for you as we move into July.

You can be sure to look forward to next month’s coming updates!

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