Mars4: Karkanda Sentry Lore

“We’re here for your safety.”

2 min readMay 28, 2024
Karkanda Sentry

After the UN emerged triumphant at the end of the Twin Struggles, the slogan of civil security forces rapidly became an infamous reminder of the changes forced upon a ruined world.

Safety meant hiding behind curtain walls as Earth’s devastated environment worsened.

Safety meant living in cramped arcologies without question.

Safety meant staying silent.

In the decades that followed, the tools of war became the shield of this new, uneasy peace. Chief among these changes was the adoption of the Karkanda Exo-Transport by arcology security to allow swift urban pacification. The Karkanda Sentry’s heavily armoured carapace ensured that firebombs and improvised weapons were simply shrugged off, while its vast size ensured a large complement of security forces could be delivered to send a firm, unyielding message.

Peace would be enforced.

The UN Joint Agreement on Mars and the subsequent colonisation waves helped spur the hope of many citizens of Earth, driving dreams of the future of all mankind. With the arcologies’ eyes drawn to the Red Planet, Earth saw a notable decrease in agitators, and in turn, the UN saw no need to maintain the fleets of Karkanda Sentries that had dominated the streets and alleys of the arcologies with a large number selected for shipment to Mars.

On Earth, the Sentry existed to preserve the status quo and project the UN’s will.

On Mars, the Sentry protects colonies and the future of mankind.

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