— Decentraland on Mars?

The hype created in recent times by non-fungible tokens is a lot. Have you heard about the different non-fungible tokens? Keep in mind these NFT’s are doing excellent and will probably make it big. Keep reading to find out all there is to know about NFT’s and Mars4.

Non-fungible tokens are known as NFTs and are a simple way used by many people and platforms to sell their personalized art, land, music rights, different tunes, designs, and so much more. These NFTs are unique and irreplaceable in nature, making them stand out hence the rise in their hype! People live something unique and different, and that’s precisely what these NFTs are!

Did you know that today, multiple people have sold approximately $69 billion NFT’s globally? With the rise in its popularity, the experts and the Mastermind behind Mars4 came up with an excellent idea. They are selling and letting people have virtual excess to Mars through NFTs! How cool does that sound?

Mars4 and All About It!

The Mastermind developed an excellent plan to give virtual excess to the people planning to branch out and enjoy getting their hands on the land on Mars. It comes with multiple benefits, including ownership of plots, galleries, shops, and buildings. How cool!

The Mars4 platform is designed and used to encourage gamification and distribution of tokens amongst people willing to invest in it! The domain was planned to create attractive yields for investors hence taking it up a notch. Come along and explore the world of Mars virtually, all thanks to the Mars4 Foundation.

According to the team behind Mars4, they plan to make a decentralized autonomous organization for all the people who own NFTs. The best part about owning a Mars token is that you’ll get ownership and become a contributing factor in multiple activities such as governance, various contacts, and even numerous auctions. Join hands in a VR platform to participate and explore the planet Mars; it’s designed to benefit you too!

What Does the Mars4 Project Allow Users To Do?

The project is vast and allows people to do multiple activities! Join the Mars4 platform and experience a metaverse like no other! You cannot just invest in various NFT projects but use it as a source of earning income too! That’s right, by investing in multiple land plots all over Mars and by owning them, you can reap the benefits of generating revenue, thanks to the Mars4 project. How cool does this sound!

Mars 4 Vs Decentraland: What’s The Difference?

Mars 4 Vs. Decentraland: Which Project Should You Invest in? The two projects open a window for users and allow them to invest in NFT projects easily. These NFT platforms bring their features to the table; let’s find out what they are!

Mars4 is a project mainly designed to focus on giving virtual access to the people of Mars. They provide you with NFTs on Mars, whereas Decentraland isn’t specific on its virtual world access. Mars4 gives its investors access to two types of tokens that include the Mars4 NFTs and the Mars4 Dollars. The Mars4 project has a fixed NFT supply of 99,888, representing the surface people can access on Mars. On the other hand, Decentraland has its currencies that include the MANA and the LAND.

The land parcel of Mars4 and Decentraland is 38 km by 38km and 16 meters by 16 meters, respectively! The marketplace of both of them varies accordingly; on Mars4, you’ll be able to find features such as the craters, various mountains, and multiple beautiful locations. But at the same time, Decentraland’s marketplace has estates, multiple parcels, multiple names, and wearables.

Mars Vs. Decentraland: Which One is Better?

A comparison in depth opens a large window that reveals to us what Mars4 has got to offer beyond other NFTs! Through the Mars4 project, you get to interact in a 3D Virtual World where you get the chance to see the red planet. It’s divided into multiple parts, such as the plots, buildings, and shops, all of them having their unique NFTs. Did you know that through the yield generation concept that Mars4 has, you can now redistribute tokens to multiple NFT holders too, buy some, and resale later!

The project gives one access to Mars4 dollar and offers investors the opportunity to terraform their territory and level up their gamification! Get a chance to change your avatars, buy multiple ownership certificates, get your hands (virtually) on numerous assets on Mars and become an owner today!


So what are you waiting for? Join the journey and become part of these countless virtual features combined by the Mars4 team and the Decentralised Developers Community! Mars4 is all about providing incentives to people, and what better way than investing in an NFT with an increased liquidity rate and a deflationary supply of tokens!

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