Mars4 monthly recap: April

2 min readMay 3, 2023

Hello to our community from the Mars4 team. This month, we’re eager to share our newsletter about the progress made during development. April has seen us formally enter the second quarter of the year and with it comes several new, exciting items.

First and foremost, this April has seen Mars4 host its very first DAO vote. Mars4 has long prided itself on being a decentralised autonomous organisation, but it was this month that saw the first ever community votes come to fruition. Two votes were held this April with the first vote allowing for the community to decide on future features for the 3D Mars game. The second handled the first ever vote for community pool distribution.

This month’s updates for the 3D game includes several graphical updates and the introduction of new mechanics. Players are able to enjoy a more vivid, cinematic diurnal cycle on Mars atop a more detailed, immersive terrain set that covers their Mars4 lands. Alongside this graphical enhancement comes a major update to agriculture on Mars, featuring several new production chains and machines as well as an improvement to drop pod rewards.

Early April presented a unique opportunity for our community in the form of two events. The first was Mars4’s third ‘Lost on Mars’ campaign that saw more special offers on lands hidden across the face of the red planet.

The second was Mars4’s still-ongoing Karkanda mining event, a period during which the Karkanda ET received a bonus to its mining mission output on the Mars Control Center. This event runs through to 8th May, so be sure to take advantage of it!

Mid-April saw Mars4 take a dominant position in the future of decentralised autonomous organisations and game development when Mars4 became a founding partner of We3guild, the largest game studio DAO. The establishment of We3guild with over 20 associated game studios has set Mars4 among the pinnacle of its peers.

Last, but not least, the end of April has seen the development team’s AMA about the status of the Mars4 roadmap and its subsequent update. Mars4 has been proud to announce that not only have we consistently achieved our roadmap objectives, but we’ve also managed to add additional content and bring forward existing targets. However, this has made a mild mess of our original roadmap and so greater effort was made to better establish our current progress and our goals for the project.

With April behind us, we’re looking ahead to the challenges and improvements we plan to tackle and deliver. With the new roadmap in place, our community has much to look forward to and we here at Mars4 are looking forward to sharing yet more improvements and updates.




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