Martians888 Art Contest

4 min readNov 5, 2021

Sketchar and Collaboration Kicks off on November 8

Wonderful news for a true Mars artists!

Collaboration of Mars4 and Sketchar announces exclusive Martians888 art contest. Let your creativity flourish in this one-off event!

Have you ever heard of CryptoPunks? Let’s create 888 unique Martians!

Open up your inner Leonardo da Vinci to create one-of-a-kind Martian avatar and share it on Sketchar feed. Best 888 artworks will become your profile photos, characters, and more! Wait for more details in the future., a Mars themed Metaverse powered by Mars Land NFTs and Play to Earn (P2E) gaming mechanics is announcing a campaign for artists to contribute to the creation of 888 unique Martian Avatars (imagine CryptoPunks on Mars) that will be minted as NFTs and form a core part of the Mars4 world. This is a unique chance for artists to break through and make a name for themselves in the exciting world of Web3, NTFs and P2E gaming.

Sketchar, an AI-powered mobile application for visual artists, now enables them to instantly create their own unique virtual Martian alter ego and earn a share of the $35,000 USD bonus pool. The best artworks will be showcased in a premium collection on the Sketchar NFT marketplace in December 2021.

Stage 1: Create your Martian

Timing: November 8–30

- Download the Sketchar application.

- Tap the Martians icon in the Creative Hub.

- You will see an outline template for a Martian. Fill it out in your style and create a unique Martian. You can add accessories or environments, but keep the initial outline of the Martian.

- Share your Martian in the Martians888 collection on the Sketchar feed.

Stage 2: Get your reward

Timing: December 1–10

The 888 best Martians will be selected by the Sketchar community and a special jury composed of the Mars4 executive team and experts from the world of Crypto Art and NFT gaming. If your Martian is chosen, you will receive a reward payable in USD stablecoins. These artworks are going to be promoted and sold on the Sketchar marketplace and other NFT marketplaces.

What is Sketchar?

Sketchar is a mobile platform with a suite of tools for growing artistic skills, creating art, and selling it right from the application.

What is the Sketchar marketplace?

The Sketchar NFT marketplace is part of the Sketchar service ecosystem for visual artists to help them grow and thrive in the creator economy.

The marketplace is based on the art pieces and art collections created on or uploaded to Sketchar. Any artwork can be turned into an NFT right on the application and sold through the creator’s profile, which is at the same time their portfolio. The best NFT art is featured on the marketplace homepage.

Why is the Sketchar marketplace interesting for collectors?

Martians 888 is a one-of-a-kind collection based on the digital artwork generated by Sketchar users. Each Martian is unique, so is the creator behind it. Sketchar has always been a place where creativity flourishes, that is why it gives collectors the opportunity to acquire remarkable art and thus support the creators.

About Sketchar

Sketchar is a mobile platform with a suite of tools for growing artistic skills, creating art, and selling it right from the application. It provides augmented reality for drawing, artificial intelligence for turning images into cartoons, and more to enhance people’s artistic skills. The company is backed by Snap, Boost VC, and IMI.VC. Sketchar has been honored with the Webby Awards for Best Use of Augmented Reality 2018, the most prestigious award for digital products. For more information, please visit


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