MISO Participants Airdrop 📣

A long-waited airdrop for MISO launchpad private auction participants is here! Mars4 is ready to support its early believers!

As it is known, in finalized Mars4 auction on MISO launchpad private participants got a 15% better price of MARS4 tokens than participants of public auction. Mars4 wants to provide a bigger advantage to beloved ones who supported the project from the very beginning and bought Mars Land NFTs in order to be whitelisted. Thus, 15% of the amount for sale given in a private auction will be allocated as an airdrop to 775 participants. In total 2,250,000 MARS4 dollars will be distributed to the wallets of private auction participants depending on the amount they have contributed to the pool.

If you were a participant of one, find your wallet and the amount of MARS4 tokens allocated to you HERE.

Tokens will be distributed to participants' wallets within 7 days after November 3rd. This date is set according to the vesting schedule.

Read about the batch auction method HERE.
Reasons for choosing the batch auction method are explained HERE.