Patch Notes — August

4 min readAug 30, 2023


Version: Outpost Mars (v.4433)
Release Date: 30.08.2023

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New Features

The Mad-Beetle: Unique Click-Beetle

A unique variation of the Click-Beetle, the Mad Beetle is the unholy union of colonist entrepreneurial spirit and jury-rigged ingenuity. It features upgraded shielding, providing better protection against radiation hazards and sandstorms. The strain of the increased shielding’s weight on the MMRTG results in less oxygen capacity and thermal heating as well as less efficient energy usage. The additional weight also reduces its exploration speed. Its additional protection does confer useful benefits when mining, with the shielding allowing it to traverse Mars’ more dangerous regions in such of better ore deposits. The Mad Beetle enjoys greater mining efficiency, though operates in its regions for less time due to the unsafe nature of high-radiation zones.

The New Workhorse of Mars: Shire HDLV

The Shire HDLV is most famous on Earth as the workhorse of the Arcologies. Their heavy duty lading capacity allowed for the swift raising of the curtain walls that are the most dominant feature of Earth’s arcologies. Like its namesake, the Shire is a placid, gentle beast able to provide great service to the humans now settling upon the face of Mars. The colonists sent to Mars were also delighted to see how the HDLV’s considerable capacity was further enhanced in Mars’ lower gravity environment.

Jetstreams and Powered Flight: The Jetpack

The Jetstream Mars Jetpack is a cutting-edge propulsion device designed specifically for Martian exploration. Using methane as fuel and crafted with advanced aerospace materials, this jetpack is tailored to navigate the unique challenges of the Red Planet’s thin atmosphere and rugged terrain. This new tool is available in two rarities (Classic and Epic) in the 3D game to owners via the NFT panel after connecting their MCC account. Colonists equipped with the jetpack are able to build while using the jetpack as well as enjoy a greater range of movement from its thrust capacity.
Buttons: Take off with CTRL, hold the Spacebar to hover.

Mobile Power Generation: The Click-Beetle’s New Function

The Click-Beetle receives its earlier-hinted secondary function that allows it to act as a power generator for nearby bases. Colonists will be able to connect a power cord to the Click-Beetle to produce power. The provided power is drawn from its available energy cells even if the engine is off. Do note, if someone moves the Click-Beetle it will automatically disconnect from the power grid and you will need to reconnect it again. External energy cells can also be charged when placed in the appropriate socket of the Click-Beetle while it is stationary.

UI Changes:

This patch has also seen an update to the main menu settings and popups bringing it in line with Mars4’s style. This update also includes UI changes for the Main menu, Pause menu, Death screen, Loading screen, Settings widgets, Save game slots, Popup prompt box/message box.

Outpost Mars Patch Video

Updates and Bug Fixes

  • We’ve cleaned up colonist helmet glass. The starry sky should no longer be blurry.
  • During saving and loading the game, the positions of ore mines were being determined incorrectly. This could lead to mines respawning immediately after loading or fail to respawn at all.
  • Optimized CPU usage.
  • Map performance enhanced.
  • Implemented logic to turn mined ores back into instanced components. This change leads to decreased save game size and faster load times, improving performance.
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong amount of sand was displayed in fabricators for crafting the medium and huge growing plots.
  • Water tanks and water filterers were given a facelift and optimised.
  • Adjustments made to vehicle rear lights. Now they are directed to the ground to prevent blinding the player.
  • Performance optimization of crafting and container components.
  • Fixed main menu related issues.
  • Circular solar panel design update.
  • Character’s spotlight radius increased.
  • Improved the electrical grid system connectivity check.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the ground on the growing plots was not displayed.

Please Note:
We are aware of the issue where the AWD function for vehicles is causing traction loss and making uphill climbs difficult. We are working on a solution to this, but it will take some time.
You can see an example of this issue here:

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