Patch Notes — July

3 min readJul 27, 2023


Mariner Patch
Release Date: 13.07.2023

Mars4 Mariner Patch

New Features

From Orbit To Your PCs: Performance Boost

This update saw a major performance boost across the board that targeted various improvements such as landscape optimization and productivity widgets, to name a few. Colonists and their players should notice this performance increase and will hopefully find Mars less taxing on their computer hardware and smoother.

The Click-Beetle: Mobile Generation and Exploration

The Click-Beetle is both the oldest and newest rover to touchdown on the Martian surface. This light single-occupant exploration vehicle was the very first conceptualised rover for the Mars4 survival game and it is with great pride that we finally introduce it to our players. The Click-Beetle is well suited for travel across the Martian surface and provides a useful benefit to players in the form of its MMRTG. The Multi-mission radioisotope thermoelectric generator is capable of providing a small amount of power to help colonists kick start their colony and base development.

Sunsets and Skies: Blue Dawn

The improvement of lighting and atmospheric design in the Mars survival game continues to be important to the team in the effort to heighten immersion on the planet’s surface. This update sees the introduction of a Martian cloud layer, adjustments to the fog layer at ground level, and adjustments to the brightness level at night. The largest changes of these improvements have focused on making the atmosphere’s colour correctly represent the time of day and this includes one of Mars’ oddities. Due to Mars’ thin atmosphere, the colour of dawn and dusk is not the rich reds we expect on Earth, but rather a soft blue. This effect is created by Mars’ dust that helps filter out the red wavelengths, an effect only really noticeable when light has to travel a much longer distance through the atmosphere (namely dawns and dusks).

UI Changes

With this update we also introduce changes to the main menu and settings UI, updating them to our current standards. This update is aimed at replacing some of the ‘legacy’ UI with more modern and more appropriate designs.

Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where it was not possible to deploy an owned legendary female dummy.
  • An appropriate amount of explosives have been added to insulated ceilings. Destruction effects added for square and triangular insulated ceilings.
  • New graphics settings added.
  • The game engine has been updated to UE 5.2
  • An initial hotfix for a key remapping bug has been applied. The keys can now be redefined, but they will reset to default after restarting the game.

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